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I'm a third culture kid from Geneva, Switzerland

Design Strategy

Workshop Facilitation

User Research

Usability Testing

Interaction Design

Information Architecture


Visual Design

HTML / CSS / Javascript

As a UX/Product Designer...

I am a curious, self-driven product designer who is passionate about advocating UX design across all fields of work, facilitating design education, bridging the gap between teams, and mentoring new designers.

Learning together is the biggest superpower we can do to drive change. My passion for helping others comes from the guidance I have received from my mentors, design community, and learning from my fantastic team members in UX. I strive to do the same for others and want to empower teammates in collaborative settings as a leader with strong emotional intelligence.

User experience is crucial and product design is an irreplaceable craft - we can be at the same time covert -  never letting the user know we were there while they fly through tasks - but also deliver delightful and powerful simplicity.

I have a couple of strong stances:


  • Both qualitative and quantitive data are extremely powerful, and I will dutifully declare my assumptions and data-driven research with each design solution

  • Designs are all assumptions and hypotheses until tested and released - iterations are king

  • You. Are. Not. The. User. (but you can champion them!)

My UX passions and interests include...

  • Cognition in UX. User psychology is one of my favorite things to geek out about and make more accessible through storytelling.

  • ...Storytelling. A skill I am always growing! Another one of my strong stances is that design communication is key. Treat the audience like a user and make the experience of understanding the context, ideas, and solutions as streamlined and informative. Good design and user value is lost without a champion for it, so find yours!


I'm an open book!

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